Have you considered vehicles stripping for spares as an affordable way to replace a damaged part in your car? Perhaps the part you need is not supplied in South Africa, or you’re working on a strict budget. You can find used parts and spares for any make and model vehicle at Zebri Auto. Our online store makes it easy to browse and buy the part you’re looking for, without the hassle of expensive international imports or pricey car dealership rates. Simply purchase your part from us and it will be swiftly delivered right to your doorstep, ready for installation. There is no easier solution, especially for car enthusiasts and budding DIY mechanics.

We do vehicles stripping for spares to provide everything you need

Vehicle stripping for spares is the process of dismantling and separating the parts of a vehicle into individual components. At Zebri Auto we can be trusted to supply only high quality, reliable used parts and spares. We buy used or written off vehicles to strip and sell for spares and parts. We’ve found that there is much more demand for individual parts, which is why we do what we do. To begin with, we remove the most popular and sought-after parts first, which include:

  • Wheels
  • Hubcaps
  • Radios and speaker systems
  • Seats and seat covers
  • Gearsticks
  • Steering wheels, and
  • Windscreen wipers

We then go deeper and begin stripping the engine parts and actual body of the car. Our engines are some of our bestsellers, and we currently have several Audi engines available at phenomenal prices. We specialise in Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper parts and spares, from engines and gearboxes to radiators and locking systems.

Save money with Zebri Auto

Vehicles stripping for spares is a great method of recycling, as someone else’s written-off vehicle may contain that hard-to-find part you’ve been looking for! Plus, no parts go to waste, as there is always a need for used spares and parts. Our vehicle stripping service is efficient and reliable, ensuring that the parts we sell are in good condition and ready to be used again. Find the vehicle part you need at Zebri Auto.