After many years researching the motor industry in South Africa, we have designed a service that caters to every individual. Zebri Auto is bringing an exciting new offer to motorists needing to improve their vehicles.

Exciting new features and services

Zebri Auto is proud to announce the following exciting new features and services:

  • Online shop – Zebri Auto is releasing an online store! We’re making it easier for car owners and mechanics with an online shop for all car spares and parts for your convenience. You can now find exactly what you need at an affordable price and forgo costly imported parts and tedious waiting periods.
  • Second hand cars – We have an extensive range of used cars for sale. With our second hand vehicles, we ensure that all quality checks are met and fulfilled, guaranteeing a good quality car at an affordable price.
  • Car rebuilds – Whether it’s from a motor accident or just old age, a car rebuild needs to be handled by the professionals. At Zebri Auto we’ve got the expertise and the experience to ensure that your car looks as good as new with our top quality rebuilds.
  • Delivery service – Zebri Auto provides an efficient delivery service throughout Gauteng. For clients ordering from other provinces, a trusted courier service is used to ensure you get your delivery safely and speedily.

Don’t compromise; choose Zebri Auto today

At Zebri Auto we offer outstanding services that help you get the most for your vehicle. We specialise in Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Mini Cooper parts and spares, from engines and gearboxes to radiators and locking systems. With new and used vehicles for sale, as well as all spare parts for vehicles, you can find everything you need at with Zebri Auto. We have decades of work experience in the industry, and have spent years researching how make the motor industry work for South Africans to the best effect. Zebri Auto is dedicated to making sure motorists can improve the condition of their vehicles, whether it is simply more information or a spare part. For all-round quality, service and affordable prices, choose Zebri Auto.